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Afterlight Photography

fine art prints for modern living

Fine Art Prints for Modern Living 



Still Life prints provide simple charm and look great as a large print in an otherwise minimalist space. 


All prints are hand selected, taken and edited by me, these prints may or may not include special effects done to enhance their look such as lightening, darkening, special effects, filters, blur & enhanced colors. 


All prints are professionally printed on high quality paper (reduces fading & discoloration) 


Watermarked will be removed upon sale. 


All of my photographs are available for purchase as unframed prints. 


Sizes available: 16x20 – 11x14 – 8x10 



Special request photography available 


Don’t see what you’re looking for or have something specific in mind. 


Let me know! 



All photographs are original images by Afterlight Photography & 

© Afterlight Photography. 

Wall Art Print

  • Ashfeld Manor is a 130 year old abandoned mansion in Kentucky. The home was built in 1891 and with a total of 12,500 sq ft, it was the largest home in the area at that time, home took 5 years to build with a total cost of $50,000 ($1.4 million in todays money)


    Art print arrives ready to frame to match any décor. It is printed on high quality paper to reduce fading and discoloration for years of enjoyment.  


    Product Type Print  

    Color: Color Print  

    Grouped Set Type: Wall Art Set 

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